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Photos from the RGS Newcastle v Durham School in the Daily Mail U18 cup at RGS School, Newcastle upon Tyne on Wednesday 11th October 2017
RGS v Durham School_001_LC_8219RGS v Durham School_002_LC_8221RGS v Durham School_003_LC_8236RGS v Durham School_004_LC_8240RGS v Durham School_005_LC_8241RGS v Durham School_006_LC_8242RGS v Durham School_007_LC_8250RGS v Durham School_008_LC_8253RGS v Durham School_009_LC_8259RGS v Durham School_010_LC_8260RGS v Durham School_011_LC_8263RGS v Durham School_012_LC_8300RGS v Durham School_013_LC_8308RGS v Durham School_014_LC_8327RGS v Durham School_015_LC_8374RGS v Durham School_016_LC_8389RGS v Durham School_017_LC_8395RGS v Durham School_018_LC_8396RGS v Durham School_019_LC_8397RGS v Durham School_020_LC_8398

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