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Created 1-Dec-15
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Photographs from the Clatty Bella Pantomime performed at Maryhill Community Halls in Glasgow to raise funds for the Beatson Cancer Charity and Yorkhill Childrens Charity. All profits from any print or download sales will be directed to the charities.
Clatty Bella_CLB_0012Clatty Bella_CLB_0053Clatty Bella_CLB_0058Clatty Bella_CLB_0060Clatty Bella_CLB_0084Clatty Bella_CLB_0089Clatty Bella_CLB_0147Clatty Bella_CLB_0199Clatty Bella_CLB_0252Clatty Bella_CLB_0254Clatty Bella_CLB_0256Clatty Bella_CLB_0264Clatty Bella_CLB_0268Clatty Bella_CLB_0322Clatty Bella_CLB_0325Clatty Bella_CLB_0342Clatty Bella_CLB_0390Clatty Bella_CLB_0438Clatty Bella_CLB_0439Clatty Bella_CLB_0441

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