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Photos from The Premiership Shield Final 2019 between Newcastle Falcons A team and Saracens Storm at Kingston park on Monday 13th May 2019.
Premiership Shield Final 2019_0001_LC_6067Premiership Shield Final 2019_0002_LC_6080Premiership Shield Final 2019_0003_LC_6084Premiership Shield Final 2019_0004_LC_6095Premiership Shield Final 2019_0005_LC_6101Premiership Shield Final 2019_0006_LC_6104Premiership Shield Final 2019_0007_LC_6114Premiership Shield Final 2019_0008_LC_6126Premiership Shield Final 2019_0009_LC_6133Premiership Shield Final 2019_0010_LC_6137Premiership Shield Final 2019_0011_LC_6150Premiership Shield Final 2019_0012_LC_6154Premiership Shield Final 2019_0013_LC_6182Premiership Shield Final 2019_0014_LC_6206Premiership Shield Final 2019_0015_LC_6218Premiership Shield Final 2019_0016_LC_6227Premiership Shield Final 2019_0017_LC_6246Premiership Shield Final 2019_0018_LC_6251Premiership Shield Final 2019_0019_LC_6258Premiership Shield Final 2019_0020_LC_6268

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