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Created 31-Jan-16
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Photographs from Sunday 31st January 2016 when Newcastle Falcons hosted an under 10's tournament and defeated Harlequins by 26-19 in the Aviva Premiership at Kingston Park.
_LB_0251_LB_0245_LB_0243Falcons v Quins_LB_0242Falcons v Quins_LB_0240Falcons v Quins_LB_0237Falcons v Quins_LA_5099Falcons v Quins_LB_0233Falcons v Quins_LB_0229Falcons v Quins_LB_0227Falcons v Quins_LA_5068Falcons v Quins_LB_0221Falcons v Quins_LA_5026Falcons v Quins_LC_3603Falcons v Quins_LC_3435Falcons v Quins_LC_3353Falcons v Quins_LC_3341Falcons v Quins_LC_3290Falcons v Quins_LC_3286Falcons v Quins_LA_4697

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