Chris Lishman Photography | Newcastle Falcons v Connacht
Created 20-Dec-15
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Photographs from the European Challenge Cup match at Kingston Park, Newcastle upon Tyne between Newcastle Falcons and Connacht on December 20th 2015
Falcons v Connacht__LB_7685Falcons v Connacht__LB_7701Falcons v Connacht__LB_7676Falcons v Connacht__LB_7679Falcons v Connacht__LB_7716Falcons v Connacht__LB_7722Falcons v Connacht__LB_7725Falcons v Connacht_CLA_2175Falcons v Connacht_CLA_2189Falcons v Connacht_CLA_2205Falcons v Connacht_CLA_2212Falcons v Connacht_CLA_2229Falcons v Connacht_CLA_2231Falcons v Connacht_CLA_2242Falcons v Connacht_CLA_2267Falcons v Connacht_CLA_2275Falcons v Connacht_CLA_2302Falcons v Connacht_CLA_2315Falcons v Connacht_CLA_2329Falcons v Connacht_CLA_2331

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