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Photos from Sandy Park, Exeter as Exeter Chiefs played Newcastle Falcons in the semi-final of The Aviva Premiership on Saturday May 19th 2018
Chiefs v Falcons_0001_LB_9989Chiefs v Falcons_0002_LB_9993Chiefs v Falcons_0003_LB_9995Chiefs v Falcons_0004_LB_0014Chiefs v Falcons_0005_LB_0026Chiefs v Falcons_0006_LB_0033Chiefs v Falcons_0007_LC_7212Chiefs v Falcons_0008_LC_7222Chiefs v Falcons_0009_LC_7229Chiefs v Falcons_0010_LC_7249Chiefs v Falcons_0011_LC_7257Chiefs v Falcons_0012_LC_7262Chiefs v Falcons_0013_LC_7267Chiefs v Falcons_0014_LC_7283Chiefs v Falcons_0015_LC_7294Chiefs v Falcons_0016_LC_7300Chiefs v Falcons_0017_LC_7304Chiefs v Falcons_0018_LC_7311Chiefs v Falcons_0019_LC_7314Chiefs v Falcons_0020_LC_7318

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