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Created 22-Nov-15
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Photographs from the match between Newcastle Falcons and Russian side, Enesei STM at Kingston park on Sunday 22nd November 2015.
Falcons v EneseiCLB_7402Falcons v EneseiCLB_7447Falcons v EneseiCLB_7430Falcons v EneseiCLB_7440Falcons v EneseiCLB_7427Falcons v EneseiCLB_7464AFalcons v Enesei_LA_4425Falcons v Enesei_LA_4437Falcons v Enesei_LA_4446Falcons v Enesei_LA_4463Falcons v Enesei_LA_4464Falcons v Enesei_LA_4468Falcons v Enesei_LA_4471Falcons v Enesei_LA_4477Falcons v Enesei_L2_1062Falcons v Enesei_L2_1064Falcons v Enesei_LA_4482Falcons v Enesei_LA_4488Falcons v Enesei_L2_1075Falcons v EneseiA_L2_1077

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