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Created 18-Oct-15
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Photographs from the Aviva Premiership opener at Kingston park between Newcastle Falcons and Gloucester.
Falcons v Gloucester_L3_0036_Falcons v Gloucester_L3_0037_Falcons v Gloucester_L3_0030_Falcons v Gloucester_L2_0592_Falcons v Gloucester_L3_0051_Falcons v Gloucester_L2_0606_Falcons v GloucesterCL1_9966_Falcons v Gloucester_L2_0610_Falcons v GloucesterCL1_9990_Falcons v GloucesterCL1_9999_Falcons v GloucesterCL1_0012_Falcons v GloucesterCL1_0029_Falcons v GloucesterCL1_0117_Falcons v GloucesterCL1_0127_Falcons v GloucesterCL1_0170_Falcons v Gloucester_L2_0633_Falcons v Gloucester_L2_0636_Falcons v Gloucester_L2_0643_Falcons v Gloucester_L2_0652_Falcons v Gloucester_L2_0665_

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