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Created 28-Aug-15
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The pre-season warm up match between Newcastle Falcons and the visiting Georgian National Side as part of their preparation for the Rugby World Cup 2015. Kingston Park, Newcastle upon Tyne. August 28th 2015
Falcons v Georgia__L3_0758_0001Falcons v Georgia_CL1_1651_0002Falcons v Georgia__L3_0766_0003Falcons v Georgia_CL1_1714_0004Falcons v Georgia_CL1_1731_0005Falcons v Georgia_CL1_1796_0006Falcons v Georgia__L3_0783_0007Falcons v Georgia__L3_0784_0008Falcons v Georgia__L3_0785_0009Falcons v Georgia__L3_0803_0010Falcons v Georgia__L2_8717_0011Falcons v Georgia__L2_8731_0012Falcons v Georgia__L2_8768_0013Falcons v Georgia__L2_8773_0014Falcons v Georgia_CL1_1838_0015Falcons v Georgia_CL1_1849_0016Falcons v Georgia_CL1_1863_0017Falcons v Georgia_CL1_1882_0018Falcons v Georgia_CL1_1893_0019Falcons v Georgia_CL1_1911_0020

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