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Created 1-Nov-15
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Photographs from November 1st 2015 when Newcastle Falcons played host to a wonderful tag festival of rugby for Under 7's and 8's and also Exeter Chiefs were the visitors in the Aviva Premiership.
Falcons v Chiefs_CL1_4060Falcons v Chiefs_CL1_4081Falcons v Chiefs_CL1_4056Falcons v Chiefs_CL1_4059Falcons v Chiefs_CL1_4164Falcons v Chiefs_CL1_4065Falcons v Chiefs_CL1_4035Falcons v Chiefs_CL1_3963Falcons v Chiefs_CL1_3934Falcons v Chiefs_CL1_3935Falcons v Chiefs_CL1_3944Falcons v Chiefs_CL1_3920Falcons v Chiefs_CL1_3927Falcons v Chiefs_CL1_3931Falcons v Chiefs_CL1_3783Falcons v Chiefs_CL1_3781Falcons v Chiefs_CL1_3565Falcons v Chiefs_CL1_3548Falcons v Chiefs_CL1_3350Falcons v Chiefs_CL1_3132

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