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Photos from the Anglo Welsh Cup match between Newcastle Falcons and Gloucester at Kingston Park, Newcastle upon Tyne on Saturday 3rd February 2018.
Falcons v Glos_001_LB_7083Falcons v Glos_002_LB_7086Falcons v Glos_003_LB_7088Falcons v Glos_004_LB_7091Falcons v Glos_005_LB_7097Falcons v Glos_006_LB_7100Falcons v Glos_007_LB_7101Falcons v Glos_008_LC_7568Falcons v Glos_009_LA_0169Falcons v Glos_010_LA_0175Falcons v Glos_011_LA_0185Falcons v Glos_012_LA_0201Falcons v Glos_013_LA_0206Falcons v Glos_014_LA_0212Falcons v Glos_015_LA_0219Falcons v Glos_016_LA_0225Falcons v Glos_017_LA_0238Falcons v Glos_018_LA_0239Falcons v Glos_019_LA_0248Falcons v Glos_020_LA_0252

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