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Photos for the European Challenge Cup match between Newcastle Falcons and Newport Gwent Dragons at Kingston Park on Saturday, 14th October 2017.
Falcons v Dragons_177_LB_8338Falcons v Dragons_176_LB_8336Falcons v Dragons_175_LB_8334Falcons v Dragons_174_LB_8332Falcons v Dragons_173_LB_8330Falcons v Dragons_172_LB_8327Falcons v Dragons_171_LB_8326Falcons v Dragons_170_LB_8325Falcons v Dragons_169_LB_8323Falcons v Dragons_168_LB_8321Falcons v Dragons_167_LB_8319Falcons v Dragons_166_LB_8318Falcons v Dragons_165_LB_8314Falcons v Dragons_164_LC_0892Falcons v Dragons_163_LC_0866Falcons v Dragons_162_LC_0788Falcons v Dragons_161_LA_9706Falcons v Dragons_160_LA_9700Falcons v Dragons_159_LA_9686Falcons v Dragons_158_LA_9649

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