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As a professional photographer, I will always to the best of my ability try to tell the story of an event or indeed a project and hopefully without being too invasive. The truth is, that this story is a very sad one, however the chapter that I hopefully captured last night was a truly joyous occasion and all I can say is well done to all at Newcastle Falcons for helping to makethis happen. I have worked with Doddie and got to know him over the past five years at Kingston Park and I have to say that he truly is a magical character, infact he is a magical rugby character and to those of you that understand rugby and have grown up with it in their blood, you will know exactly what I mean by that! I wish there was a magical cure for this magical man, sadly there is not and like many people at the event , I shed a few tears last night for Doddie but no doubt he would say something like "don't be stupid wee man" to that. Doddie has battles ahead and I would urge everyone that I know to try and support in some small way if possible as he continues the fight and tries to raise awareness and also funds to help in the future. For me it was a privilege to be part of the event and see so many of my rugby heroes doing what rugby people do best, and that is support one of the 'family'! Keep on fighting big fella, we are all with you.

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