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Created 15-Dec-16
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Originally, I did a few designs for the Taione Vea Benefit evening held at Kingston Park and the original designs proved very popular so I will keep adding one or two more as and when I get time to pull them together.

As always, if you have anything specific that you might like me to look at for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch as I will always assure you my best attention.

Brett Connon - Kick to WinMateo CarrerasJon Welshphil brantingham home rightmark wilson home right smile_ASsean robinson home left_A-studio_Asam stuart home left_AAAmike daniels home left_AAWill Haydon Wood_LA_3185Amorgan passman away left_AArobbie smith home right_AAmarco fuser home right_AAwill montgomery home right_AAOscar Caudle_Players-607_Abailey ransom home right_AAcallum pascoe away left_AAgeorge wacokecoke away left_AAphilip van der walt home left_AAfreddie lockwood away left smile_AAiwan stephens home right_AA-studio

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