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A few photos that were made for the Taione Vea Benefit Night at Kingston Park on Wednesday 14th December 2016. Many thanks for all the support on the evening, it truly was a great night for Taione and indeed the Rugby Club. A special feel and worthy send off for the big man. As always, a privilege to be involved.
Will try and do some more of these when time was fun!

Toby FloodWill Witty_Falcons v Dragons_116_LC_0362Rob Vickers_Falcons v Dragons_051_LC_9689Charlie Wilson_LC_9401Sinoti Sinoti IISimon Hammersley_Falcons v Worcester_154__LA_2944Alex Tait_Falcons v Worcester_086__LA_2373Kyle Cooper_Falcons v Worcester_107__LA_2555Media Day 2017_115__LA_9729Media Day 2017_114__LA_9866-1324Media Day 2017_113__LA_9986Media Day 2017_112__LA_9478-954Media Day 2017_111__LA_9630-1106Media Day 2017_110__LA_9713-1171Media Day 2017_109__LA_9650Media Day 2017_108__LA_9775Media Day 2017_107__LA_9660Media Day 2017_105__LA_9381-857Media Day 2017_104__LA_9363-839Media Day 2017_102__LA_9391

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